Tracee Russell
Therapeutic Massage & Quantum Biofeedback Therapy
Massage Therapy License-#MA48588
Quantum Biofeedback License-#NTCB2946BT

Reflexology is the science that deals with the principle that there are numerous energy pathways that travel to every organ of the body and have endings in many locations just below the skin surface - primarily on the feet and hands. The technique of reflexology involves massaging these ending (or reflex points) to improve energy flow in order to treat illness and alleviate pain. By stimulating and applying pressure to the feet or hands, increased circulation and promotion of specific bodily and muscular functions will occur.

Reflexology is both a science and an art. As a science, it requires the skill and knowledge of the practitioner. As an art, it requires a dedication and love of the practitioner. Reflexologists view the feet and hands as a mirror image of the body.

What are the benefits?

Reflexology gently nudges the body toward better functioning by improving lymphatic drainage and venous circulation, stimulation to the nerve pathways, and muscle relaxation.

  • Helps the body remove toxins
  • Revitalizes energy
  • Reduces stress and induces relaxation
  • Improves circulation

Reflexology compliments medicine; it does not replace it. Build reflexology into an overall healthy lifestyle which includes attention to diet, moderate exercise and different forms of stress reduction and relaxation.

Reflexology Rates:

  • $90.00 (60 minutes)

Travel fees may apply.
Packages available to suit your individual needs!


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